Prevalence of Videos
Video has become very accessible just in the last few years. Not only is video embedded in many mediums that we encounter, such as websites and even billboards, but video recording has also become very common. Almost every news that we see will include amateur videos of the event because someone at the scene had a video recording device handy. Even cell phones are now able to record high definition movies, and such saturation is making video a very familiar medium in our everyday lives.
Video for Companies
A lot of companies are now taking advantage of such trend and are incorporating video deeply into marketing and advertisements. Traditionally, corporate videos were limited to television ads or internal promotional materials. With the internet and our everyday acceptance of videos, video marketing materials has become viable virtually everywhere. It is difficult to find a company without their own YouTube channel these days. While traditional method of video advertisement costs significant amount of money, creating a video for web use will almost always prove to be a greater ROI since you'll only have to focus on the cost involved in production and not the distribution.
Cost Effective Marketing
For example, trying to purchase a slot on a popular television show can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. This is money on top of the costs from video production. Since posting videos on your own website or other sharing sites involve almost no cost, you can spend the saved money on better video materials which will increase exposure of your company.
Go with the Pros
Since company's marketing teams are usually not specialized in video production, it will often be cheaper and better to hire a third party to create video for your company. This has an added advantage of having a fresh perspective of your company. When you produce materials internally, you may miss some aspects that your typical audience may be looking for since your employees are already familiar with the image of your company. By hiring a third part video producer, you will be able to receive valuable feedback regarding your corporate image alongside professional level of video production.
But before you choose a professional videographer for your job, please keep the following points in mind.
  • Professionals should always have a portfolio for you to validate.
  • Professional production companies will offer personal consultation rather than chain of endless emails.
  • Production companies should have the necessary industry know how to provide insights regarding online video production.
  • Said production company should already be active in internet social spheres, such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.


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